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The year 2020 is a story we will be talking about for a long time. It’s one of those things that will be added to the history books that those too young to remember will be reminded of and those not yet born will learn about in school.

For those born in the last century and slowly transitioned into this millennium lifestyle, has been at the forefront of watching this world move past us like a sonic train; all we felt was the wind when it went by.
Luckily, we were able to grab on at some point and jump on this hurtling locomotive called life. The best part is that we learn fast and adjusted accordingly.

I believe we are the generation of adjusters and re-inventors of self. We assessed, mulled it over, and jump in to add our own flavor to the mix.
There were different outcomes, realizations and new concepts we were thrown into that made us stand still for a bit. But now it is a new year, with new hopes, new beginnings, and new opportunities. Now more than ever the community is in need of your products and services to help them transition into this new life moving forward. 2021 is a year of reinvention and transformation.

I have been putting off launching this magazine for way too long and for good reasons. As part of the reinvention and transformation, I too need to move on and get back on the train.

I’d like to do that by assisting the community with information that can ease them into this new reality. I am reaching out to you for your contribution and participation on this journey.

If you have services you believe will benefit the community, then I’d like to put them out there through the magazine. I’m putting a Calendar of Events Listing together. You are welcome to submit, for free, your events, workshops, seminars, services, coaching, and anything you believe can benefit the community.

I am gearing to launch the June/July 2021 issue and you can be included in it. I am collecting submissions for events from June to December 2021.
I look forward to serving our community so they can -Manifest a Lifestyle of Joy, Love, Health, Abundance, and Happiness!

Calendar of Events

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