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The only thing I miss about being totally plant-based is grabbing a quick yogurt! When my plant-based journey began, I learned what was really inside that convenient cup of yogurt: therefore, getting rid of it was easy.       I only missed the convenience of it!
So I make my own or buy it from a local organic small business close by.

So what about Yogurt, my friends ask me?
What is in it?

….Reader Beware….


This is a chemical used in the processing of yogurt. It is preserved with formaldehyde, a toxic substance. Famous fast-food chains use it as an anti-foaming agent in oil fryers. It’s not even labeled and it doesn’t have to be. I can’t even pronounce it. The FDA allows it! It’s in yogurt.


These particles are titanium dioxide used as an artificial color or whitener for anything from paper to food. They just call it an ‘added ingredient.’ The FDA allows it! It’s in yogurt.


Unless the yogurt claims to be an organic, non-GMO yogurt, then berry yogurts are full of pesticides. Berries are among the most pesticide-ridden food with strawberries being treated with over 100 pesticides. The FDA allows it. It’s in yogurt.



What about them? Isn’t that the real reason for yogurt? You know those ‘live and active cultures’ that are highlighted on the yogurt container, that’s what we need, right? They may have been in the yogurt when it was packaged, but by the time it gets into your refrigerator, maybe not. In fact, artificial sugars may even kill off that good bacteria. The FDA allows it. Where’s the probiotics?


Where’s the fruit? Many yogurts don’t have fruit in them at all, but rather NATURAL FLAVORS that taste like fruit. Yes, as absurd as that may sound. No fruit at all. We need the real fruit and its nutrients for our health. We do not need fake fruit flavorings that are lacking nutrients and called natural flavors. The FDA allows natural flavors. It’s in yogurt.

Hang on, this is really surprising and kind of disgusting…

Natural Flavors is a flavor originating in anything in nature, and yes I mean anything! Castoreum has been used for over 80 years and comes from the beaver’s castor glands right under their tails. Excuse me? Have you heard of animals ‘marking their scent?’ Well, this is it for the beavers anyway. Apparently, the scent is pleasant. It’s a straw yellow to brown color slime secretion. It has been used to flavor vanilla ice cream, brownies, yogurts, and perfumes.
Supposedly, it is mostly used in perfumes nowadays. The FDA allows it! It may be in yogurt.

So what about yogurt now? Not to worry, I have you covered.


Find a mason jar, sterilize it and be prepared to make the yogurt today and eat it tomorrow.
This yogurt takes a little time and patience! It is so worth it to have ~
no lactose,
no artificial sweetener,
no preservatives,
no dimethylpolysiloxane,
no nanoparticles,
no natural flavors,
and no beaver butt!


1 can plain, organic full fat coconut cream
1 vegan probiotic capsule
1 T arrowroot flour
1 T sweetener: either maple syrup or brown rice syrup
2 teaspoons cacao powder to create your own chocolate yogurt
Spice options: cinnamon, non-alcoholic vanilla, nutmeg

  • To start, make sure your coconut cream is extremely cold.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator overnight
  • Combine the cold coconut cream and the contents of 1 probiotic capsule and arrowroot into the mason jar
  • Make sure that the mason jar is totally clean and sterilized
  • Stir contents until combined
  • Seal the lid on the mason jar
  • Turn on your oven light only (not the oven) and leave the jar with the contents in the oven overnight.
  • Believe it or not, the heat from the oven light will incubate the yogurt!
  • Aim for at least 10 hours (It will become thicker the more you leave it incubating.)
  • Remove it and allow it to become room temperature for 3-4 hours.
  • Then put your yogurt jar in the refrigerator
  • When it’s chilled, you can eat it or add it to a desired dish
  • Add organic sliced fruit or organic berries or simply just make it chocolate flavored.
  • I suggest eating it within 2-3 days, but mine has stayed in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

See, that wasn’t so bad. Make it in the evening and eat it the next day.
It’s easy being green and clean!
Buon appetito!!

Kate Corallo

Kate Celesta Corallo,  CN, RYT 500
Nutrition, yoga, meditation, reiki, Essential oils |Twitter: #the_kate_effect |
Instagram: @the_kate_effect
Facebook: The KATE Effect - balancing body, mind, soul
young living essential, oils distributor # 1564335

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