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The Art of Ballet and Dance is definitely a study in perseverance. Any dedicated dancer with a goal to achieve a successful dance career way into the far future must learn at a very young age to master the skills of perseverance. Dancing is a slow progression of skills with years of training, hard work, consistency, repetition and the love for this art form.

Ballet in particular is steeped in technique, posture, poise and well being. It takes a certain mindset to show up religiously to the dance studio. Choose your position at the barre, prepare to focus on nothing else except what is being taught and listen to how your body is responding.

Your focus goes inward, just like meditation, as you are artistically using all the concentration you can gather to listen and follow many different instructions, simultaneously.

Stand straight, shoulders back, turn out from the hips, pull up the zipper, stomach in, long necks, extend the toes, keep knees straight and the list goes on and on… even before you start your first plié of the class.

Only with constant perseverance, will a budding young dancer become a graceful, elegant and mature ballerina.

To observe such a dancer performing on stage is the ultimate appreciation for the years that was dedicated to this fleeting yet rewarding profession.

The best part about a life path in dance and the acquiring of many of its amazing skills, is that it instills in us the opportunity to continuously apply these learned skills in our everyday life.

I am asked endlessly, “How do I keep on going year after year with any project I choose to pursue?” My answer is extremely simple. I learned at a young age that I must show up [to dance class], I had to listen, follow instructions, and repeat the same steps over and over again. I discovered that it is never really over. The learning never ends.

The opportunity for continued growth and perfection of these skills is what I believe today to be the expertise I use that has allowed me to start a second publication with focus, dedication, consistency and perseverance.

Every accomplishment must be tackled with goal-setting, focused persistence.

Karina Felix

Karina G. Felix is the owner/editor of Lifestyle Living Magazine.
She is a Metaphysical Practitioner,
A former dancer, dance teacher, and studio owner.
Owner and CEO of Ingenious Publishers, Inc,
Visionaries in Motion - 501C3 Charitable Organization- Using a holistic approach to supplement the Youth's Education.
Intuitive Guidance Studio- The Essence of Education in Excellence Academy.

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