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A Business, Personal, and Spiritual Lifestyle publication bringing timely best-practiced ideas and suggestions to our readership.

It is a vehicle for practitioners to share knowledge, services, products, and best-practiced guidelines that can benefit and serve the community.

Its focus is to create a venue for practical and educational information offering guidance towards living a Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul-balanced lifestyle.

We endeavor to offer timely articles, ideas, and concepts to our readership.


It is our duty to bring our audience products and services that we trust.
This publication has an obligation to the community it serves. We are the local go-to magazines that the community turns to for accurate information.
We endeavor to inform, educate, and create a harmonious interaction between our advertising partners and our audience.


It is your responsibility to inform, educate, and build trust with your clients and customers by guaranteeing them that your services and products will benefit them and give them the peace of mind they are seeking.

Your Advertising dollars  will BENEFIT the COMMUNITY TWO-FOLD

In keeping with our vision and mission, a portion of all advertising dollars will be donated to Visionaries in Motion, a 501C3 nonprofit organization supporting the ongoing growth, expansion, and advancement of personal, business, and spiritual development within our community.


Lifestyle Living Magazine is being launched as a local community
magazine bringing timely best-practice ideas and suggestions to our
readership. Its focus is creating a venue to educate the local
community on living a healthy well-balanced lifestyle while
offering a voice to practitioners in this field to continue expanding
and serving the community as a whole. We are focused on the
well-being of the whole individual: Personal, Professional, and


Local news, local personalities, local events.
We are a combination of the best in modern advertising modalities. We use various options to reach our target market, offering as much exposure as
possible, benefiting our advertising partners and our readers.

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